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Harlequin has rereleased some of my FAVORITE books as ebooks! These are Silhouette Romances that are sweet stories (without sex) which are also light, fun reads! If you like books you can read in an afternoon, these are for you! Click my e-book page for a full listing and buy links.

Welcome to the Holiday Season!

Last month –  coming back from a very late vacation in Ocean City, Maryland – I realized that my life was running away from me. LOL Vacation had been postponed several times (like 7) because of work, and though that’s honorable, I began to feel as if I only worked. I didn’t have a life.

So, turning over that new leaf, I decided to enjoy fall and all the holidays. I bought apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice candles, got out the fall leaf tablecloths,  made seasonal soups and cakes (like apple cinnamon coffee cake) and in general just embraced the season…even as I finished up CHASING THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, doing those final polishings before publication…

Which is actually why I’m writing today.


So if you’re a fan of my sweet, emotional Christmas stories, THE TWELVE DATES OF CHRISTMAS isn’t to be missed. Eloise Vaughn is barely earning enough money to pay her rent and buy packaged noodles for her supper. So when friend-of-a-friend, Ricky Langley needs a date for twelve Christmas parties and asks if she’s interested, she jumps at the chance – provided that he helps her find a real job so she can quit her temp job and actually eat again. LOL

What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with Ricky, or that his story would cause her to realize she might need to make peace with her own past.

Ricky never would have guessed his simple offer of help for Eloise would turn his life upside-down and pull him out of the black pits of despair over the loss of his son.

In the midst of twelve glamorous parties held by New York City’s elite, hot cocoa and sleigh rides, can these two people really find love? Or is it just the season and the need not to be alone?

THE TWELVE DATES OF CHRISTMAS made me laugh out loud and cry, as I wrote it.  It’s a heartwarming holiday read.

Now, CHASING THE RUNAWAY BRIDE is a whole different ball game. LOL

On two different sides of a feud over Harmony Hill’s grocery store, Piper O’Riley and Cade Donovan hate each other. So when his grandfather’s will pairs them to runO’Riley’s Market, in order to end the feud and mend the rift in their small town, both groan.

But twelve years have gone by since they’ve seen each other. He’s served time in the Marines and is now a sexy ranch foreman. She’s grown out her hair, gotten contacts and left two grooms at the altar because she didn’t feel that special zing for either of them.
They do, however, feel the zing for each other, and after a week of trying to pretend they don’t, they give in to their intense feelings.

But there is no smooth path to love with a guy who’s been so burned by love that he only has affairs, and a woman who isn’t really sure she knows what love is.

Amid the antics of a small town trying to heal the wounds of a feud, an unexpected inheritance that makes all the Donovansrich, and a curious heroine who just wants people to forget her two almost weddings, lots of fun happens.

According to my editor (Hi, Stacy!) this book has a not-to-be-missed ending. So if you like fun books, a little sexy spice and an ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat…CHASING THE RUNAWAY BRIDE is the book for you.

So, everyone, have a glorious fall. Don’t be like me this year and miss life. Go outside, see the leaves, drink pumpkin-spice coffee, call your mom or kids or cousins, go to lunch. Work and responsibilities are important, but so is having a life. Don’t miss the wonder around you.

Happy Fall,

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