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Harlequin has rereleased some of my FAVORITE books as ebooks! These are Silhouette Romances that are sweet stories (without sex) which are also light, fun reads! If you like books you can read in an afternoon, these are for you! Click my e-book page for a full listing and buy links.


The Boss's Fake Fiancee -- Susan MeierDear Readers

I’m thrilled with the August 1, 2017 release of my 60th book, THE BOSS’S FAKE FIANCEE, book 1 of my duet about Spanish cousins!

No one would find it unusual that Mitch Ochoa was asked to be his brother’s best man, except his brother is marrying the woman Mitch thought he’d marry! He needs a fiancée and fast, so his family won’t worry that he’s still not over Julia. But more than that, he wants Julia and Alonzo’a special day to be about them…not him! Who would have thought that pretending to be in love with his assistant would show him that he didn’t have clue 1 what real love was? Or that he’d be willing to change his entire life for her.

THE BOSS’S FAKE FIANCEE is a sweet, funny, poignant story about the surprise of real love.

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And in February 2018, Mitch’s cousin Riccardo meets his match when he promises a client he’ll bring his runaway-bride daughter home from Las Vegas. Riccardo doesn’t believe anyone can fall in love in two weeks. Destiny is about to surprise him. :)

I hope you’ll pick up both of these books!

Happy Reading!

Dear Readers,

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