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About Susan Meier

Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny beginning to the day here in Western Pennsylvania. I'm working on my 70th book for Harlequin. 70th! I'm very excited about that. But this is actually my 70th published book.

I've written some fun things ... those are the Silhouette Romance titles. I especially liked SNOWBOUND BABY which was book 3 of the Bryant Baby Bonanza series which also included BABY BEFORE BUSINESS and PRINCE BABY. But my favorites for Silhouette were the books of the Brewster Baby Boom series (THE BABY BEQUEST, BRINGING UP BABIES and OH, BABIES!) where three bachelors inherit triplets. Those were fun to write. I go back every now and again and read them myself for a laugh!

My Harlequin Romances are a little (sometimes a lot) more serious than my Silhouettes, but I always deliver a heartwarming story that reminds readers that family and love go hand in hand, and that deep down inside most of us are looking for home – more than a place to hang our hats, but a place to love and be loved.

Sweet, funny or sad, my characters make some serious lemonade out of their lemons! Because that's how I see life. I have three kids...one of whom has epilepsy. Raising him taught me (and my husband and our other two kids) that sometimes a situation that seems bad can have its blessings.

Also, being raised in a family of 11 kids (yes, 11) I learned a lot about sharing and how love encompasses more than just romance.

Having been with my husband for a long time, I still believe the best thing in life is romantic love. Being treasured, respected and wanted.

So settle in with a cup of cocoa and one of my books.

Happy Reading!

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Amazon.com interviews
Susan Meier

Amazon.com: Where are you from? How--if at all--has your sense of place colored                       your writing? 

S.M.: I'm from the small city of Johnstown, Pensylvania. Johnstown
          has a particularly warm environment. The city definitely colors my
          writing because most of my stories have a warm, personal 

Amazon.com: When and why did you begin writing? When did you
                     first consider yourself a writer?  

S.M.: I started writing one month before my 30th birthday when I
          realized I hadn't accomplished my personal vision for myself. I had 
          no contacts and didn't really consider myself a writer until I hooked
          up with other romance authors in western PA. Luckily, they 
          showed me the ropes and I became published a few short years 
          later. THAT was when I considered myself a writer!

Amazon.com: Who or what has influenced your writing, and in
                     what way? What books have most influenced your life? 

S.M.: I adore Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. But more
          than anyone else Dean Koontz influenced me because I used his 
          book WRITING BEST SELLING FICTION as a guide.

Amazon.com: What is the most romantic book you've ever read?
                     The scariest? The funniest? 

S.M.: The most romantic book I've ever read? I love them all. The
           current romance novelists are some of the most romantic writers 
           ever.  It's hard to pick a favorite!

Amazon.com: What music, if any, most inspires you to write? What
                     do you like to listen to while writing? 

S.M.: I love country music! In fact, Toby Keith's song, "We Were In
           Love" actually inspired the story for GUESS WHAT, WE'RE

Amazon.com: What are you reading now? What CD is currently in
                     your stereo? 

S.M.: I'm reading a book by my friend Lauren Nichols, ACCIDENTAL HERO.

Amazon.com: What are you working on? 

S.M.: I'm currently working on an extremely funny, emotional series
          for Silhouette Romance set in Pennsylvania and based upon the 
          lives of three men who inherit triplets when their father not only 
          marries a much younger woman but is killed with her in an 
          automobile accident.

           The stories are funny, but incredibly emotional as the brothers deal
           with both the loss of their father and the realization that they have 
           infant siblings. The books are slated for publication next year. In 
           June the last of the Texas Family Ties book, THE RANCHER
          AND THE HEIRESS will be released.

Amazon.com: Use this space to write about whatever you wish. 

S.M.: Reading and writing romance has been the most wonderful
          experience of my life. I've learned a great deal from the heros and
          heroines of these books becuase the stories mirror real life.

updated version 12/12/17